Accidents can be scary and startling to all parties involved. Especially when it comes to driving a large heavy-duty truck. The unfortunate part is most people, at some time or another will be involved in an accident. Driving a larger truck may seem to be safer, but in most cases, it can be more damaging. If you happen to get in a truck accident in the future this guide will help give you direction on what steps you should take next.

Stay Calm and Examine for Injuries

The very first thing you should do after the accident has occurred is remain calm. Take a few deep and long breaths, and stay cool-headed. This allows you to handle the situation to the best of your ability. After taking a few moments to process everything you should check yourself for any injuries that you might have. If you have sustained injuries from the accident call 911 immediately and ensure that you do not make any vast movements as it can further worsen an injury.

Move Your Vehicle

If everyone involved is safe and if the truck is drivable, the next step you should take is moving your vehicle off the road. Pull up to a shoulder or somewhere where your truck is no longer blocking the road and out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, there are scenarios where your heavy-duty truck may no longer be drivable, if so you should place your hazard cones and use caution from other cars driving by.

Call Law Enforcement

In most scenarios, law enforcement should be informed about the accident. When you call law enforcement they will come out to the scene and take both statements from all parties involved. Once this process is completed an accident report will be generated and given to both drivers who will supply this to their insurance companies and/or employers.

Take Photos

As you wait for law enforcement to arrive, take thorough photos of the accident. This can be very crucial if you are driving for a specific transportation company. Take pictures of each side of your truck and the other person’s vehicle. This can be used as proof for the company you work for and not endanger your job. If you have time to take photos before moving your truck then do so, as it could also come in handy when dealing with the insurance process.

Exchange Information

There is key information you should obtain from the other driver before you go your separate ways. First, make sure you exchange insurance information and after that collect their name, address, phone number, and driver’s license number.

Call Massey Towing and Truck Service

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