Wheel alignment is something that can seem like a hassle, but they are crucial for trucks.

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheels are mounted to a suspension system in order to give them the ability to move up and down and absorb impacts and bumps from the road. These components, however, can bend or shift for several different reasons. When this shifting happens, one or more wheels will no longer travel straight while all the rest are, and that can have a profound effect on a number of different things. 

Alignment assures your tires meet the road at the proper angle, your wheels are pointing straight and your tires are centered in the wheel wells. It adjusts the angles of your vehicle’s wheels to original specs for best gas mileage, proper road contact, a smooth ride, and the longest tire life.

When should I get Wheel Alignment Service?

Normal wear and tear can all eventually cause your car to come out of alignment. As parts such as shocks, suspension springs, and other components start to grow old, they start to wear out and develop gaps or larger tolerances, which leads to slack in steering, loosened control, and a shift in wheel alignment.

However, regular maintenance can help prevent this cause of poor alignment.Regular checks are important because alignment issues aren’t always obvious. The wrong toe angle can go unnoticed and so can atypical tire wear. Cars usually go out of alignment gradually, so you may not realize how much it was impacting drivability, gas mileage or tire wear until it’s corrected.

An alignment service is important to do when:

  • You get new tires.
  • You lower or lift your vehicle.
  • Suspension parts that affect the tire angles are replaced or adjusted.
  • You’ve had a fender-bender or a hard impact with a curb or road debris.
  • It’s been a year since your last one.
  • You notice uneven tire wear, steering pull, or an off-center steering wheel.

Some signs your wheels are out of alignment include:

  • Uneven tread wear
  • Vehicle pulling to the left or right
  • Steering wheel vibrates

Likewise, pay attention to your car’s response when you turn. If you notice that you really have to force the steering wheel to get the car to turn or to return to straight after turning, you should have your alignment fixed as soon as possible.

Why is it Important?

It might surprise you to learn just how easily a wheel can be knocked out of line and how much your entire car can suffer for it in performance and longevity. Fixing your wheel alignment can have multiple benefits for your vehicle, including but not limited to:

  • It improves tire durability.
  • Enjoy a smoother ride.
  • Save money on gas. 
  • Prevent future accidents.

Massey Towing & Truck Service knows maintenance and reliability are the most important things to today’s vehicle owners. We are dedicated to providing quality service to all of our customers, so they can get back on the road worry-free. We can haul anything for you to anywhere you want and our repair services will ensure that your trucks hit roads as soon and safely as possible.