In addition to commercial vehicles like delivery trucks, all different kinds of heavy vehicles move around cities each day. These usually have a considerable impact on traffic due to their size and difficulty in maneuvering tight corners. Because they’re much larger than regular cars, any incidents of breakdowns, accidents, or rollovers are capable of causing much more damage. This is why it’s critical to be able to assist these types of vehicles immediately.

Since these vehicles need much greater horsepower and strength to maneuver, they also require more robust towing strength to get them off the road. Heavy-duty tow trucks have fortified recovery mechanisms and a considerable amount of pulling power, making them capable of hauling massive vehicles.

Dealing with Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Road trouble is difficult to overcome by yourself if you’re driving a commercial vehicle. This becomes an issue if regular truck towing services don’t have the right fleet to haul your vehicle. To minimize your downtime as well as inconvenience to other people on the road, it’s important to have the right contacts in your area if you’re driving any of these five vehicles:

1. Buses

Towing a bus is no easy matter, especially if it’s damaged after a collision. Hauling these lengthy vehicles requires specialized equipment to handle their weight and size. Thankfully, heavy-duty tow trucks have under-reach and wheel-lift technology, allowing them to provide high-powered towing capabilities. Additionally, truck towing companies can customize their fleet to have specialized tools for different scenarios. For example, they can have extended wheel-lifts to carry heavy vehicles with ease.

2. Semi-Trucks

Semi-trucks are mighty vehicles capable of hauling heavy equipment themselves. This is why they need an equally stronger truck to get them out of a pinch. Heavy-duty towing services can tow disabled single axle trailers and semi-tractors for the efficient towing of the vehicle and their attached cargo.

3. Trailers

Sometimes, a semi-truck can be too damaged to haul them together with its trailer. This can be an issue for perishable goods or other time- and environment-sensitive cargo. Thankfully, reliable heavy-duty towing services can handle your truck and trailer separately if you have an urgent delivery.

4. RVs

Motorhomes aren’t uncommon in urban areas, especially around RV parks. They can also frequently be seen in use for long trips across-state. Unfortunately, experiencing trouble on the road can lead to a ruined vacation. If you’re driving for a long trip, it’s best to be aware of heavy-duty towing services along your route to give you licensed and damage-free transportation for your RV to a garage.

5. Other Vehicles

Other vehicles like box trucks, garbage trucks, and other commercial vehicles are necessary for companies to be able to deliver goods or perform services. Owners of these fleets need to ensure a steady operation by staying on-schedule for deliveries on specific routes. That’s why breakdowns can cause these companies to experience financial loss if they don’t get immediate help. Thankfully, heavy-duty tow trucks are made specifically for hauling these large vehicles.

Heavy-Duty Towing in Dallas, TX

Large commercial trucks also need a helping hand for road troubles but can have unique needs, which is why we offer a service dedicated exclusively to these types of vehicles. At Massey Towing & Truck Service, we provide a combination of specialized equipment and experienced drivers to help our customers with all their heavy-duty towing needs. Contact us if you need heavy-duty towing in Dallas, TX, today!