Each state has its own regulations for hauling large loads. Without these regulations, heavy hauling risks injuring drivers and damaging roads. When a load surpasses the maximum weight and dimensions set by a state, proper permits are available to be purchased. These permits grant the driver permission to haul their oversized and/or overweight load. The permits also ensure that the driver is aware of the proper routes to take for their load to transport it as safely as possible. To learn more about Texas-specified oversized and overweight permits, read on!

What Qualifies As Oversized and Overweight Loads In Texas?

Below are the legal limits for transporting large loads in Texas. Any dimension or weight over these limits requires an oversized and/or overweight permit. 

The maximum dimensions a load can be in Texas without a permit are:

  • Width: 8 feet 6 inches
  • Height: 14 feet

The legal limits for the length of a load vary depending on the type. See below:

  • Semitrailer or two-vehicle combination: 59 feet
  • Each trailer or semitrailer of a twin trailer: is 28.5 feet
  • Truck towing a trailer carrying a boat: 65 feet
  • Front overhang: 3 feet
  • Rear overhang: 4 feet

The weight limits for oversized loads in Texas are:

  • Gross: 80,000 pounds
  • Single axle: 20,000 pounds
  • Tandem axle: 34,000 pounds
  • Triple axle: 42,000 pounds
  • Quad axle: 50,000 pounds 

Overweight and Oversized Permit Options

There are many different permit options for overweight and oversized loads in Texas. The permits are for specific types of loads, with regulations that depend on the materials being transported and the dimensions and weight of materials. Two main permit options are available: single-trip permits and annual permits. Below is a general overview of the permits, but check out the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles for details. 

Single Trip Permits

  • General Single Trip: Permits are available for the movement of non-divisible vehicles and loads exceeding Texas size and weight limits. These permits are only to be used for one trip, from a specific starting point to a destination. 
  • Manufactured Housing Single Trip: This permit is for the movement of manufactured homes and industrialized buildings surpassing Texas size limits. It is a single-trip permit that must be used during the times on the permit, not exceeding five days. 
  • Portable Building: This single-trip permit is for the transportation of portable buildings and compatible cargo that exceed legal size limits. To qualify for this permit, the vehicle and load must be no larger than 14 feet high and 80 feet long. 
  • Super Heavy: Movement of non-divisible vehicles and loads that surpass 254,300 pounds total gross weight require a super heavy permit. This is a single-trip permit.
  • House Move: A single trip permit is available for transportation of houses that go beyond the limit of 20 feet wide. 
  • Crane & Well Service Unit Mileage: This single-trip, mileage-based permit allows for the transportation of self-propelled and trailer-mounted cranes. It also permits the movement of well-servicing units exceeding Texas size and weight limits. 
  • Self-Propelled Off-Road Equipment: To transport self-propelled off-road equipment that surpass legal size limits, this single trip permit must be purchased. 

Annual Permits

  • Intermodal Shipping Container Port Permit: This annual permit is for moving intermodal shipping containers that are transported in Texas within a 30-mile radius of select port authorities or ports of entry.
  • Company-Specific Envelope: To move non-divisible loads that fall within specific envelope dimensions and weight, this annual permit must be purchased. This type of permit is issued to companies. 
  • Vehicle Specific Envelope: For movement of non-divisible vehicles and loads that exceed Texas size and weight limits that fall within specific envelope dimensions and weight, this annual permit must be purchased. 
  • Fracking Trailer: This annual permit is available for the transportation of a vehicle combination that consists of a truck tractor and semitrailer specifically made with a tank and pump unit for moving liquids. 
  • Hay: To move round bales of hay, this annual permit must be purchased.
  • Implements of Husbandry: To transport implements of husbandry exceeding Texas size and weight limits, this annual permit is required. This includes farm implements and machinery and tools used to till soil. 
  • Manufactured Housing Annual: This annual permit is for the movement of manufactured homes from a manufacturing facility to a temporary storage location.
  • Mobile Crane: An annual permit must be purchased to move mobile cranes that surpass legal width and weight limits.
  • Well Servicing Unit: This permit is an annual permit for the movement of oil well servicing units that do not exceed legal size and weight limits. 
  • Over Axel / Over Gross Weight Tolerance: The movement of divisible commodities requires this annual permit. 
  • Rig-Up Truck: An annual permit is available for the movement of rig-up trucks on state-mandated roads. 
  • Utility Pole: For vehicles that are only used for the transportation of poles, an annual utility pole permit is required.
  • Water Well Drilling Machinery & Equipment: This annual permit is for moving water well drilling machinery and similar equipment.
  • Annual Timber Permit: To move unrefined timber, wood chips, woody biomass, and equipment used to load timber, this annual permit is required. 
  • Ready-Mixed Concrete Trucks: Annual permits are available for moving ready-mixed concrete trucks that operate on three axles. 
  • Annual Length Permit: To transport loads exceeding Texas legal length limits, this annual permit is required.
  • North Texas Intermodal Permits: This annual permit is for the transportation of intermodal shipping containers.
  • Fluid Milk Transport Permit: For the overweight transport of fluid milk, this annual permit is required. 

Other Permits

  • Temporary Registration: This type of permit allows for temporary movement of a vehicle under certain circumstances, such as an unregistered vehicle or a vehicle registered in a state that does not have a reciprocity agreement with Texas. There are four types of temporary registration permits available: 72-hour, 144-hour, one-trip, and 30-day.
  • 30/60/90 Day Width or Length: These permits are to transport loads that go over Texas legal width or length limits. The permits expire after 30, 60, or 90 days depending on the type purchased. 
  • Quarterly Hubometer: This permit is for self-propelled vehicles such as oil well servicing units, mobile cranes, concrete pumps, and bundle extractors. It is also for trailer-mounted oil well servicing units, coiled tubing units, and swabbing units. It is valid for 91 days. 
  • Federal Disaster Relief Permit: This permit is for the transportation of divisible commodities that contain emergency relief supplies. It expires 120 days after the President has declared a national emergency or major disaster. 

Heavy Hauling With Massey Towing & Truck Service 

Moving oversized and overweight loads is a dangerous job, which is why it’s best left to professionals. When you need to transport a large load, you want a reputable hauling company.

The drivers at Massey Towing & Truck Service are aware of how important the materials being hauled are to you, and we take every precaution necessary to deliver your load safely. We follow safety standards and route plans ahead of time, ready to transport your load on schedule. When you need to complete a heavy hauling project in Texas, our specialists are prepared to help.