Recovery towing is required when a vehicle cannot be towed straight off the scene. Essentially, the tow company must recover the vehicle before it can be towed. Common situations that result in recovery tows are the vehicle being broken down or stuck off-road, or the truck is in a compromised position that a truck can’t immediately tow. Massey Towing and Truck Service offers 24/7 recovery tow services for semi-trucks, RVs, and other heavy-duty vehicles in the Fort Worth and Dallas, TX areas.

What is a Recovery Tow?

Recovery services typically require additional equipment that a typical tow doesn’t need. Some of this equipment could include a forklift, additional vehicles, and other tools or machinery to help recover the vehicle. Performing a heavy-duty towing recovery can be complicated. Massey Towing and Truck Service technicians take special care when performing heavy-duty recoveries to ensure your vehicle gets the best care. It takes specific training and equipment to be able to recover a stuck vehicle properly; this is a service that should only be attempted by professionals. 

When Do You Need a Recovery Tow?

Recovery towing is typically required for any situation where the vehicle isn’t already in the correct position to be towed in. You may need a recovery tow service if your vehicle is stuck in a ravine or large ditch, your vehicle has broken down or become stuck off-road, or your vehicle is in a position where it can’t be easily towed as-is. These situations, and many more, require special additional equipment first to recover the vehicle, so the tow truck service can then haul it away. Because recovery towing requires more work than a regular tow, it is essential to make sure the tow truck service you hire is prepared and can adequately offer a recovery. One way to ensure your tow service can perform a recovery is by communicating with them exactly what is going on with your vehicle before sending anyone out. 

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