Although towing a vehicle from one place to the next may seem simple, it can be more complicated than you think. Because of the additional equipment and training required, a separate branch of towing called commercial towing exists to serve the needs of heavy-duty vehicles such as semi-trucks and other large vehicles/machinery.

What is Commercial Towing?

Commercial towing is a method of towing designed for large-scale or oversized vehicles, such as semi-trucks, RVs, construction equipment, and more. The type of equipment used is specially made to handle heavy-duty vehicles, which can also take more time to secure and tow. Not all tow companies can perform this type of service, so it is essential to ensure the company you choose to work with offers commercial towing.

When Do You Need Commercial Towing?

From a breakdown on the side of the road to moving states, many different situations might require a vehicle tow. You may need commercial towing if you drive or own a big rig vehicle or piece of equipment that needs to be transported. It is essential to note the difference between commercial and light-duty towing before setting up a service with a company. Massey Towing and Truck Service offers 24/7 commercial towing and truck repairs. 

Difference Between Commercial Towing and Light-Duty Towing

There are many differences between commercial and light-duty towing. To begin, light-duty towing is intended only for smaller vehicles. The equipment required for this type of towing is not capable of transporting a heavy-duty vehicle. The equipment needed for commercial towing is typically more expensive than standard equipment, and it also takes additional training to learn how to use it properly. In addition, commercial towing requires a much larger tow truck than light-duty, which typically only needs a mid-sized tow truck. Due to the size of commercial tow trucks, the tow may also require more people, vehicles, or routes in order to execute the tow properly. It is important to note that commercial tows also need different insurance policies in order to cover potential damage. 

Commercial Truck Towing Near Dallas, TX

If you drive or own a large commercial vehicle and need to transport it, Massey Towing and Truck Service can help. We offer 24/7 commercial towing for large vehicles such as semi-trucks and boats, as well as other services in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX areas. Call Massey today for all your heavy-duty vehicle needs.