You’ve probably been driving on the highway and have seen a semi-truck and thought “wow, those are big.” Those semi-trucks are transporting goods and need to be large to be able to transport as much as possible. Being able to move freight is a vital part of this country and how we get our goods from point A to point B. Everyone relies on freight and freight employees to care for and transport our items. Plus, there is even a way that moving your own freight can make you money or even more money.

What is Freight?

Freight is a shipment that weighs over 150 pounds. The freight typically consists of goods or cargo and can be transported in any way. It can be transported by ship, truck, or train as just a few common examples. You’re able to transport freight by land, air, or sea and it is common to do so in all those ways. The one you probably most commonly see is semi-trucks on the highway. There are many different job opportunities within the freight moving business, such as towing. 

Is There Money in Towing? 

Yes, there is money in towing. The amount of money you make all depends on if you work for yourself or someone else. Towing can be used for all types of services and events. Most events do promote that you will be towed if parked in the wrong area. Some common events in which towing is most found to be needed are for restaurants, concerts, hotels, or sporting events. Towing is a service that is needed, especially in the United States, where transporting goods is essential. 

Heavy Hauling Freight Equipment 

Heavy Hauling freight equipment is part of any towing or freight business. You are going to have to be able to move freight equipment in order to store it at your facility or use it on your own. Heavy hauling refers to anything that is oversized, a wide load, or includes heavy equipment. This type of heavy hauling requires practice as it can be very difficult. 

Massey Services

Massey Towing and Truck Service focuses on heavy-duty truck towing in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. We tow anything from buses to semi-trucks. We are here for any and all of your business and personal towing needs. Along with heavy-duty towing, we also do truck repairs. Call us today to get your free quote!