When it comes to a repair on a broken-down truck, you want to be able to have a convenient and fast solution. That is why it is important to choose Massey Towing and Truck Service, a heavy duty towing and truck repair company. 


When you are a truck driver, time is of the essence when making a delivery. Having a truck towing service that also doubles as a repair shop can really put you ahead and save time. By not having to research for a repair shop after looking for a tow company, you are saving yourself time and money. At Massey Towing and Truck Service, we offer tow and repair services through our company which can end up saving you an extra trip to an offsite repair shop. 

Get Repairs Quickly: 

The faster you are able to get your truck towed to a repair shop, the faster it will be able to get inspected and evaluated by a team of trusted mechanics. The mechanics at the repair shop will be able to quickly and thoroughly access your truck’s issues and problems if they already have the knowledge from towing your rig, rather than having to get a tow to a different shop and having to explain to new mechanics the issues your rig is having. 

A truck breaking down is never an easy experience, but by having the same team to tow and inspect your rig can make the experience a lot smoother and get you back on the road sooner than expected. 

One-on-One Service 

By sticking to working with one tow and repair company, you are always guaranteed to get the same mechanics on hand than you would be dealing with separate towing and repair shops. By working with the same mechanics and tow truck drivers, you are able to create a one-on-one relationship with the mechanic and driver which can yield better and faster service and the relationship between you and the mechanic. 

Easy Scheduling

When you are looking for a tow with a company that offers tow and repair, you are able to schedule appointments easier. Think of it as a 2-for-1 special. You can schedule your tow and request a mechanic all in the same phone call. Easy scheduling calls for fast service and getting back onto the road sooner than later.  

Quality Work

Whether the repair is something small and simple like an oil change or brake pads, or something more complicated, you can always expect to get the same great service with anything you need. The mechanics at Massey Towing & Truck Service take great pride in their work and want to give you the best quality and service you can get. 

Contact Massey Towing and Truck Service for any towing service in Dallas that you find yourself needing and we will gladly help you to the best of our abilities.