Even in a regular-sized vehicle, sharing the road with semi-trucks can seem intimidating. With roughly 75% of auto accidents occurring by cars in passenger vehicles, it is unlikely that the semi-truck itself poses much of a threat to your safety, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious. When it comes to avoiding accidents with other semi trucks on the road, the best thing to do is drive decisively and with caution. Here are a few tips that can help you share the road safely with other semi-trucks. 

Avoid Blind Spots

Semi-truck accidents typically happen for one of a few reasons. Driver fatigue, distracted driving, improper loading, alcohol or drug abuse, violation of traffic laws, and driving inexperience are all common causes of semi accidents, but blind spots take the cake as the number one cause of semi-truck accidents. Though driving a semi-truck yourself may prevent you from fully entering another truck’s blind spot, being aware of other drivers is key to preventing accidents. 

Pass Decisively

Passing Semi trucks can be nerve-racking at times. When it comes time to pass, do not hesitate. Lingering in the lane directly next to a semi is dangerous, and can create problems for the traffic behind you. When passing, stay close to the shoulder of the road, and speed up so that traffic behind you can pass as well.

Maintain a Safe Distance

Driving too close to semi trucks puts you at a high risk of an accident. Not only will you be unable to see what is ahead of the truck in front of you, but as a truck driver, you will need more time to slow down. If the vehicle in front of you makes any sudden maneuvers, blows a tire, or has to stop quickly, having a few extra seconds to slow down can make all the difference. 

Dim Your Brights

When you are passing a semi, make sure your brights are dimmed. The brights of your vehicle can reflect into the eyes of the driver in front of you, potentially causing a few seconds of temporary blindness. To ensure maximum safety, make sure your brights are turned off about 100 yards behind the truck in front of you. 

Signal Early

Signaling to the vehicles around you is imperative. Being clear about your intentions on the road can keep both you and other drivers safe. If you need to switch lanes, make sure your blinkers are in sight of traffic on either side of you. Test your brake lights and blinkers before each haul to ensure clear communication on the road. 

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