Transporting massive assets from one location to another can be quite the challenge. Even a small, insignificant detail can result in the waste of time and gas as well as potential damage to your precious items. It’s always best to plan for success by putting a strategy in place for every heavy haul. After all, there’s no telling what may happen along the way.

If our heavy hauling team is asked to bring in military vehicles and planes, we always do our due diligence during the planning stages. This ensures that we avoid roadside accidents and  areas with hauling restrictions. Our team also coordinates with the client, ensuring they are ready to receive it at their preferred time with their designated staff or the client themselves. 

To better understand our process for your own heavy-duty hauls, consider the following tips: 

  • Check If You Have the Necessary Hauling Permits 

Remember, no shipment can be immediately transported from the warehouse without the necessary permits. It is a way to ensure accountability among concerned parties, especially those with direct stakes in their assets. It guarantees that the necessary precautions are taken and proper inventory is accomplished. Also, if you are carrying more than you bargained for, you must prepare an Oversize/Overweight Size Permit. Most importantly, remember to accomplish these weeks before the haul date to ensure a stress-free journey. 

  • Plan Out Your Route and Have a GPS with You 

While you can map out your route before the trip, you never know when inconveniences may occur- such as traffic, car accidents, and fallen trees on the road. Therefore, you should be prepared to find other routes that can enable you to bring your haul load on time. One of the most effective ways to do this is by following a GPS, whether it be a designated tracker or on your smartphone. This way, you can easily find your destination whilst not losing any precious time. 

  • Have the Necessary Haul Equipment Ready 

Our heavy haulers in Dallas, TX know that every job has a personalized set of specific needs, especially when it comes to oversized assets. For instance, if you have a crane to bring to your next construction project, you need to have the proper hauling truck, tarp, flags, and tie-down points. The right vehicle and equipment enable you to haul things safely as you protect them from elements such as debris and strong rainfall. 

Plant Your Next Heavy Haul the Right Way Today! 

Heavy hauling is no easy feat, so plan ahead and source the right tools to get it done safely and successfully. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what you need to do. Meanwhile, if you feel you lack the capacity to take on this important task, consult with experts like us to get it finished!

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