Driving in the snow can be difficult, especially with a heavy haul truck. It is important to know tips for driving through snow and a list of winter supplies. Taking these precautions for the snow will prevent accidents and make traveling easy. 

Supplies to Have for Snow

When you are preparing for snow it is essential to bring your tire chains with you. As you prepare for snow, pack extra set windshield wiper blades, a mini heater for the cabin, and hand warmers. Packing for a trip in the snow should include extra food and water in case you get stuck. Lastly you should have a list of all backup numbers you may need. This list should include a truck towing service in case you are to break down in the snow.

Things to Check Before Your Drive

Winter roads provide many obstacles for truck drivers. When roads are snowy there is little to no traction, check your tires tread depth before you travel. Cold weather also drains battery power quicker than warmer weather. Before you leave on a longer journey in the snow you should have your battery checked to make sure that it will not die during the duration of the trip. Snow also affects steering in heavy haul trucks. Switch out your summer-grade lubricant for a winter-grade to help the steering in the snow. Lastly, check that the radiator has sufficient amounts of winter coolant and no leaks. The last thing you want for a haul in the snow is your heat to go out.

Driving in Snow Tips

  • Always fill up your tank before you begin your journey.  If traffic becomes slow or you get stuck, you do not want to run out of gas as well.
  • If you do get stuck in snow, move wheels side to side to push the snow away from tires.
  • To ease out of a patch of snow, accelerate slowly.
  • Stop occasionally to wipe off headlights and taillights to increase visibility during a snowstorm

Heavy Duty Towing in Dallas, Texas

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