Towing a car is a time consuming and stressful activity. Towing a semi-truck can be even more time consuming or stressful. This is not something most people  deal with regularly but it is important to have a plan in case the need arises. The first step of your plan should be deciding if you need just a normal tow truck or more of a heavy haul tow company. Here are some of the differences between the two types of tows:


Most heavy hauling companies specialize in towing vehicles over 17,000 pounds or more. This includes farm equipment, dump trucks, semi-truck trailers and other vehicles. Heavy hauling companies also can provide limited roadside assistance for large trucks.

Normal tow companies focus on towing vehicles under 17,000 pounds. This includes sedans, small SUVs, and other smaller cars. Often normal tow truck companies focus on removing cars from private property, removing vehicles that have been abandoned, and transporting vehicles after accidents.

Equipment Needed

When dealing with a normal tow there are not many specific requirements for completing the job. A driver and a truck will come to the site and complete the tow. When handling heavy hauls, it is not as simple. Heavy hauling jobs normally need specific equipment due to the capacity of the vehicle. Massey Towing and Truck Service has all of the supplies to complete any heavy towing needs. These supplies include a winch, a 25-ton boom lift, and a 6-ton wheel lift.

Choosing the Right Type of Tow

Tow companies need to know certain information so they can help you efficiently. It is important to reach out to multiple companies and find one that has the truck you need. When you reach out, give a brief description of what is wrong with the vehicle, what type of vehicle it is, and where you are located. Once you find a company that has supplies needed you can decide if roadside assistance is required, if they will tow to a mechanic, or transfer your haul from one spot to another.

Heavy Towing in Dallas, Texas

When the time does come where you need a heavy haul or a truck repair call on Massey Towing. Massey Towing and Truck Services is a licensed and insured towing company in Dallas, TX. We specialize in heavy hauling and repairs. Our goal is to get your truck back on the road quickly and safely.