It won’t be a surprise to locals that our area has some hectic traffic.  According to the 2021 Urban Mobility Report by The Texas A&M Transportation Institute, the Dallas area rose to No. 8 on the 2020 list of urban areas for the worst traffic by a key measure around the extra time a commuter must endure. There are many ways to prevent and reduce accidents and congestion. Here are a few helpful tips for drivers to implement. When accidents do occur, or when towing is a necessity, Massey Towing and Truck Service provide world-class services for those in the Dallas area. 

Avoid Distractions

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but cell phones are not the only way that drivers can become distracted while driving. Applying makeup, fiddling around for a dropped item, or adjusting the radio are ways that drivers can unintentionally take their eyes off the road. Turning off your phone, and waiting until you reach your destination to find lost goods are simple and easy measures you can take to avoid interruptions. 

Don’t Speed, Ever. 

No matter the reason, don’t ever be tempted to drive recklessly to improve your commute or arrival time. No doctor’s appointment, meeting, or event is more important than your life or those lives around you. In 2016 excessive speed was a factor in more than  27% of fatal accidents.

Improve your fuel efficiency by changing your driving style

Simple changes like watching your speed, turning your vehicle off at idle, and using the correct fuel for your car can lead to long-term savings, as well as promote safer driving. 

Don’t Drive Under the Influence

Another simple but sometimes ignored tip is to avoid driving after alcohol. Alcohol significantly impacts your vision and leads to loss of judgment, not to mention slower reaction times. All of these effects significantly diminish your driving ability. In 2019, more than 1 million Americans were arrested for driving under the influence. The impact of that charge can cause your insurance to be revoked, or lead to a steep increase in your rates. The best way to avoid this is to have a designated driver or use a cab/ride-sharing service to stay safe. 

Don’t Drive Drowsy

Too little sleep is nearly as dangerous as driving under the influence. The effects of sleep deprivation slow your reaction time, impair your judgment, and decrease your overall awareness. Drivers that miss one to two hours of the recommended 7 hours of sleep nearly double their risk for an accident, according to a report by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Those who get between four and five hours of sleep have the same risk of crashing as those who are over the legal blood-alcohol limit. 

Heavy Hauling Services in Dallas, TX

By implementing these habits into your driving style, you can effectively do your part to reduce the risk of accidents and crashes.  It’s always better to arrive alive if you can’t arrive on time. When accidents do happen, sometimes inevitably, and you’re in need of towing your heavy haul vehicle or semi truck, Massey Towing and their experts of heavy haulers are here to help.