Semi-trucks: whether you drive, manage, maintain, or invest in them, the impact that these vehicles have on your day-to-day operations is undeniable. While these trucks have strong ties to intensive shipping processes, the scope of these pieces of equipment has become wider than ever- thanks to companies realizing their potential across an array of industries.

As you continue to rely on your heavy-duty vehicles to handle your daily and weekly operations with ease, it is clear that semi-trucks are a worthwhile investment. However, eventually you are likely to run into a bad experience where your vehicle isn’t performing as well as it usually does, and your semi suddenly overheats.

Why Your Semi-Truck Overheated

Witnessing your semi-truck overheat is something that is bound to make you pull over ASAP. However, this is one of the most common and costly issues that any repair specialist in Dallas faces every day. When you first run into this issue, it’s important to know exactly what caused it- as every moment spent without administering a solution can result in disaster.

If your semi-truck experienced an overheating problem recently and you’re not entirely sure what caused it, here are a few probable explanations worth considering so that you can make the proper decisions moving forward:

Reason #1: You Blew Your Head Gasket

The most drastic (and often costliest) reason your semi-truck overheats is the case of a blown head gasket.

Often associated with white steam emerging under a hood and a suddenly skyrocketing temperature gauge, blown head gaskets rarely bear warning signs but end up requiring costly overhauls. Fortunately, you can avoid this type of problem from happening and wreaking havoc on your semi-truck by scheduling regular maintenance sessions and inspections! 

Reason #2: Your Thermostat Is Failing

Another common reason semi-trucks end up overheating is that they run into the persistent issue of a failing thermostat.

Generally, thermostat failure begins whenever the namesake part fails to correctly open and close, causing temperatures to become mismanaged and misdirected. Once enough misdirection sets in, the amount of heat inside an engine ends up going past operational levels and causes everything to overheat. 

Solving this problem, for the most part, involves the need for a timely replacement and preventative maintenance!

Reason #3: You Have a Bad Water Pump

Typically caused by pumps that have faulty or leaking impellers, the case of a bad water pump is one of the most overlooked causes of overheating in semi-trucks. Yet, the implications it bears aren’t anything to scoff at. However, it’s worth noting that you can prevent this issue by checking your water pump after each drive, as an engine bay that is cooling down will readily present signs of a failing pump!

Dealing with an Overheated Semi-Truck? Get It Fixed ASAP

Out of all the different issues that you’ll ever need to deal with when using and maintaining your company’s semi-trucks, the problem of overheating is one that you should be especially mindful of. By watching out for the three key reasons and culprits mentioned above, you’ll be able to ensure that you stay on top of any excess heat and administer a proper solution right away to prevent further damage!

Heavy-Duty Truck Repair in Dallas, TX

Dealing with an overheated semi-truck is a matter that needs to be dealt with by administering expert care, which is why Massey Towing And Truck Service’s experts offer heavy-duty truck repairs in Dallas, TX. If you’ve got a rig that needs to be serviced, get in touch with us today to get our team on-site right away!