If you are a regular on the roads, you’ve probably seen trucks with ‘oversized load’ signs. Though most cargo can be shipped in pieces or fit on the back of a semi-truck, some loads must be shipped in one piece. In America, a heavy haul is the transportation of something larger than 8’’6’ in width, 13’’6’ in height, and longer than 53’’ or exceeds 80,000lbs. Anything that exceeds these limitations is an ‘oversized load’. Transporting something of this size requires special permits from each state and a knowledgeable and licensed transport company. Heavy haul transport usually involves special routing, negotiating power lines as well as compliance with local and state regulations. A ‘super load’ is a general term for an oversized load that exceeds the restrictions for length, width, and height. Moving super loads requires lots of coordination and communication due to the overwhelming size of this type of cargo. Here are some of the heaviest hauls ever made.

Texas-sized Turbine Engine 

Back in 2010, the Texas Department of Transportation moved an 850-ton turbine engine. The engine was transported 250 miles over the course of 25 days. Not only was this load especially heavy, but it was also the length of a football field. To transport the engine, the department of transportation had to have a custom rig built to handle the load.

The Endeavour’s Final Journey

After the space shuttle Endeavour was retired, it was to be moved 12 miles from its original location to the California Science Center. The only problem was that the spacecraft is more than six lanes of traffic wide, and had to be transported through the streets of LA. Not only did the dimensions of the craft pose an obstacle to its transportation, but its fame did as well. Thousands of people gathered in eager anticipation to see the moving of the spaceship. The Endeavour, atop a 160-wheel truck, was supervised by a crew that was tasked with pruning any obstacles that threatened to come into contact with the cargo. 

The Transformer Detour

The record for the largest haul in Britain goes to the transport of a power station transformer. Weighing in at 640 tons, the transformer could only be moved at a rate of 4 miles per hour. This haul is famous not only for its record-breaking cargo size but for the massive traffic build-up that it caused along the way. 

Water Desalination Unit

The prize for the heaviest load ever hauled goes to a Water Desalination Unit. Though this cargo was not quite as long as the Turbine Engine in length, it was more than five times as heavy. Weighing in at an astonishing 4800 tons (9,600,000lbs) the Desalination Unit was hauled by a Saudi Arabian logistics company vehicle with 172 axles. Over half a football field in size, and weighing more than 600 fully-grown elephants, this cargo was successfully shipped in one piece.

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