Many often wonder just how heavy a tow truck can tow, but there are numerous factors that play into a tow truck’s maximum capacity. There are several different tow trucks depending on the type of job. For example, a tow truck meant for light duty, such as carrying a typical sedan or pick-up truck, has a capacity of around 7,000 to 11,000 pounds. For reference, a typical sedan would weigh around 3,300 pounds. 

Vehicles that fall into the “medium” category are typically commercial vehicles. A medium-duty hauler can typically carry around 7,000 to 17,000 pounds. 

Tow trucks meant for heavy duty have a larger variety of capacities. Their capacity can range anywhere from over 17,000 pounds up to 110,000 pounds- they are typically used to drag and pull vehicles of any size even in hard-to-reach places. 

Heavy Duty Towing 

Having reliable heavy wreckers is essential when in need of a towing job. When it comes to towing and transportation, there is not always time for full stops or repairing. Additionally, if you are in an emergency where your vehicle breaks down, Triple A is not always an option, especially if you drive a large vehicle. Not only can heavy lifters handle just about any vehicle, but they can also rotate them a full 360 degrees so that your vehicle ends up in the exact sport needed. Therefore, investing in quality heavy duty truck towing to provide the safest and fastest transportation is an absolute necessity. 

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