Over time, the severity and quantity of issues with any vehicle can build up. For fleet vehicles, this applies twice as much. With constant wear and tear from daily use, fleet vehicles are especially important to keep in working shape. It can be dizzying wondering where to start, or what tweaks will benefit your fleet vehicles most. Here is a list of important benefits of performing maintenance and repairs for your fleet vehicles.  


The most important quality of any vehicle is its safety. Safety should be a top priority for all commercial fleets. Since problems like brake failure and tire blowouts can be easily addressed with good fleet maintenance, you owe it to your business, your drivers, and others on the road to ensure that your vehicles are in good working order every time they hit the road. Some of the leading causes of crashes include worn tires and blowouts, faulty brakes, and steering/suspension issues, all of which can be remedied by proper fleet maintenance.


Having reliable vehicles is only second in priority to having safe ones. Any business needs tools that will work when they need to use them, ideally, without any obstacles. If one of your vehicles breaks down at a crucial moment, you have a loss in productivity and time spent as your drivers sit on the side of the road waiting for service. Not to mention the costs associated with any damage to goods and equipment that could result. To avoid all those risks with simple routine checks is a no-brainer. 

Lower Maintenance and Fuel Costs

At first, this might seem counterintuitive. Spending more on maintenance leads to lower maintenance costs? Preventative maintenance, or fixing things before they break, is far less expensive than reactive maintenance, fixing things after they break. It can also lower fuel costs. Simply changing the oil and filters in your vehicles regularly will cause a boost in miles per gallon. Tire and wheel maintenance is another important component in fuel efficiency.

Avoid Compliance Issues

Rules and regulations in place ensure vehicles on the road are safe and up to date. Complying with those standards saves many inconveniences and fines. Fortunately, good fleet maintenance can lead to fewer compliance headaches. Making sure everything is up to code means you can pass inspections with flying colors. 

Increase Driver Satisfaction

Nobody likes driving a worn neglected vehicle all day. It is not only annoying but also potentially dangerous. Putting the extra time and money into making sure each of your drivers has a safe, operational vehicle will increase satisfaction and productivity. 

Massey Towing and Truck Service

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