All trucks and cars need batteries and when you have to spend the money to buy a new one it can be incredibly inconvenient, especially if you’re driving a lot. Maybe you noticed that you just bought a new battery a year ago and it’s already starting to not work, or maybe you’re just looking for ways to avoid this problem. Whatever the reason is, we have some tips to help you make your battery last longer and avoid those annoying trips to the store. 

How to Preserve My Battery in My Truck?

Without your truck battery, your vehicle will not be able to turn on. Here are some ways to help preserve your batteries life:

  • Make sure your battery is tightly fastened
  • Keep your truck lights off when possible 
  • Make sure all trucks lights are off when leaving the vehicle
  • Test your battery often
  • Limit use of electronics plugged into the vehicle

Along with how to preserve your battery, there’s also a proper way to store your battery if you have an extra. It’s best to keep the extra battery in a cool, dry area. The location it is being stored in should be decently ventilated. Check the battery voltage every three to six months. If the battery falls below 12.4 volts, you’ll want to recharge it.  

Heavy Haul Tow Truck Batteries

Heavy haul tow trucks need a special battery that can power such a heavy-duty truck. There are three standard batteries that are suited for heavy-duty trucks: starting batteries, cycling batteries, and AGM batteries. All three of these batteries bring different qualities that they focus on. Starting batteries are perfect for cold climates and give you a range from low to high cranking power. They are best for large diesel engines and big rigs. Next, there are cycling batteries. These batteries give you much more power than a starter battery would and gives you moderate cranking power. You can count on this moderate cranking power to start your truck, run your lift gates, lights, APU’s, and other accessories. Lastly, there are the AGM batteries. These batteries are widely used in APU’s and trucks with lots of extra amenities. They give you extreme cycle power and are high cranking. They are also a good choice for extreme weather conditions and vibration protection. 

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