So many truck owners dread repairs on their vehicles simply because of transportation. When you own a large haul vehicle, whether business or pleasure, you want the best when it needs roadside assistance. Towing big haul trucks requires experience, special equipment, and patience. Following these steps make sure your towing experience is exactly what you need.

1. Do your research!

Look into towing companies in your area. Certain towing companies include large haul towing in addition to their regular towing services. If possible, find a towing company that specializes in heavy duty towing and tows vehicles like semis, rvs, and flatbed trucks. Also, you can call the company and speak with the staff about the equipment they have on hand. You want to confirm they have the correct equipment and experience to tow exactly what you need.

2. Read reviews.

Google is a great tool when deciding between tow companies. The reviews and ratings left on these companies business pages are personal insights into your future experience. It is also important to read the bad reviews and see why the customers were unhappy. Protect yourself and your vehicle by doing research ahead of time.

3. Get several quotes.

Before settling on one company, request more pricing information. When you call towing companies, they will have no issue disclosing estimates for your needs. Keep in mind large haul towing is usually more expensive than other towing. Roadside assistance will charge more than towing companies just because they do not have to do this service often. 

4. Choose Massey Towing and Truck Service

Regular towing trucks will not be able to give you and your haul the best tow. In order to get your heavy duty vehicle safely moved you will need heavy hauling vehicles. Massey Towing and Truck Service is a Dallas based towing company. We’re able to tow large vehicles and assist in pulling them if they are stuck. Many customers have relied on Massey Towing and Truck Service over the years and have shared great reviews online. Call now and get a quote for any of your towing needs.

Heavy Hauling Company in Dallas, TX

Massey Towing and Truck Service is the most reliable choice when it comes to any of your towing needs. The city of Dallas and surrounding areas know there is no other option with their towing needs. With 24/7 availability and a great reputation, we stand out among the rest. We are prepared with the right equipment, so you are insured no damage during your tow. With years of experience, customer satisfaction is no question. If you are just looking for a reliable company to put in your phone contacts or currently are in need of a tow Massey is the option.