If you drive a car, you will inevitably experience driving in a challenging environment at one point or another. You may have to deal with dirt, gravel, mud, sand, or snow, among others. However, in such rugged terrains, the one thing that you hope you wouldn’t have to deal with is getting your car stuck.

While you can definitely call for heavy-duty towing in Dallas, TX, where it’s not uncommon for a vehicle to get stuck, it still pays to be prepared. It’s one of those instances when avoiding the situation is definitely ideal. Here are some things that you can do to avoid getting your car stuck in dirt or sand:

Inspect the Road First

When there are signs of rough terrain, you might want to step out of your car first before you decide to go ahead. Check what’s in front of you. If you choose to start moving your car forward, you might as well have a plan on how you can get through without getting stuck.

Avoid Driving Too Slow

Your instinct might tell you to be more cautious when driving through difficult terrain. While that’s sound advice, you should be careful not to drive too slowly, though. Make sure that you drive at a steady speed because losing momentum could actually get your car stuck, and you might end up needing heavy-duty towing.

Let Some Air Out of Your Tires

Deflating your tires right before you drive on rough terrains is an excellent way to prevent getting stuck. When you deflate the tires a little, you’ll improve your vehicle’s traction, and there will be less risk of your tires getting stuck. Just don’t forget to re-inflate the tires to the right level once you get through the tricky terrain!

Don’t Follow Car Tracks

You are driving on tricky terrain, and you see another car’s tracks in deep mud in front of you. Do you go on those tracks? This is something that many drivers do, thinking that since there was a vehicle before you who got through that terrain, you should drive exactly on the same tracks.

But the problem here is that you never know how many have already gone before you, and if those tracks became too deep, you might be the one who ends up getting stuck there!

Never Let the Wheels Spin

Some drivers make the mistake of stepping on the gas when they get stuck and end up with wheels that continuously spin, which results in the car getting stuck deeper into the ground. If it does happen, don’t panic. Just ease off the gas slowly. If that solves the issue, good; if the wheels are still turning, you can carefully step down on the brakes

Don’t Apply Brakes Abruptly

This is especially important when you are driving on sand. You cannot apply your brakes too suddenly, or you will create a rut. Drive straight and avoid driving at angles when driving across dunes.

Work With a Professional

By preparing your car and knowing what to do when facing difficult terrain, you can avoid getting stuck in the middle of a treacherous road. However, there may be instances where no matter how prepared you are, you still get stuck. In such cases, you should contact a pro for some heavy-duty towing.

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