Two essential factors that impact the transportation industry are supply and demand. These factors determine capacity and rates every year. Every year, we see predictable seasonal shifts in conditions in our industry. For heavy towing and hauling in Dallas, Texas, our recent weather has impacted our markets specifically. Understanding the seasonality of our region can help understand the dynamics of freight throughout the year. It is also important to understand how your vehicle operates, and regular maintenance is important to keep your vehicle working well. When accidents happen, or you need vehicles transported, Massey Towing and Truck Service is here to help. 


At the beginning of the calendar year, as soon as the holidays are over, we prepare ourselves for the workload of our clients. Temperatures are normally low, and many highways are covered in snow, sleet, or ice. Weather might not always be conducive for towing and hauling. Lower temperatures make it harder for truck batteries to start, tire pressure can fluctuate, and many automotive problems can develop in winter and get worse by spring. As time passes, volume typically increases in our workload. But it is always important to maintain your vehicle’s battery, tire pressure, tires, and brakes year round. 


The market typically tightens up. Spring break and summer vacations are usually the busiest seasons for warm weather traveling. Students travel across the country to see family and go on vacations. Each college has its own schedule, so there is a large volume of students driving, often long distances. There can be minor issues like flat tires, or engine problems that can develop while driving long distances. During the spring, more rain is typically expected in our area as well, and this can cause traffic accidents and problems regarding ill-kept tires and brakes.


This is a huge season for many in the transportation industry. Many companies are shipping their products in as well as out because sales are typically up. This is also the back-to-school season, and many parents drive longer distances for after-school events and morning commutes. In Dallas, Texas specifically, we know how hot it can be. Cars can overheat and many people’s vehicles require A/C recharges. When an issue like this occurs, most are able to fix it themselves, but for more significant unexpected road problems, Massey Towing and Truck Service is here to help


People usually are rushing to get everything done and complete their holiday wish lists during this time. Freight and travel are rushing equally as much. Traveling around the holiday season results in huge traffic congestion and accidents are unfortunately more common due to quickly changing weather conditions. 

Rain, sleet, hail or snow, nothing is too much for the experts at Massey Towing and Truck Service. For your heavy hauling and heavy towing needs, Massey is happy to provide our services for all travelers on the roads.