With semis or heavy hauling trucks, keeping up with the maintenance is crucial to keep them running for years on end. Because they are constantly on the road, doing a routine oil change when you need it is also necessary for the well-being of the vehicle. While it’s easy to neglect an oil change or say that it can wait, serious damage could be done to your truck if it’s not taken care of. Usually, semi trucks should have an oil change every 25,000 miles.

The Importance of Oil Changes 

Like a regular car, heavy-hauling trucks should follow a fairly regular maintenance schedule. Part of this includes keeping a log of when your oil changes happen. But how do you know when it’s time for an oil change? 

Manually checking your oil is the best way to determine when you need to change your truck’s oil. If the oil level is low or if it looks thick and dark, it’s definitely time. Clean, non-stagnant oil is a deep amber color and should have a glossy texture. However, your check engine light will also come on if the truck’s internal system notices something is wrong with the oil. Other signs your truck may need an oil change are: 

1. The truck begins to shake when not moving 

2. Fuel efficiency decreases 

3. Significant increase in mileage (long-haul trips) 

4. The engine starts making loud or unusual noises 

5. More exhaust comes from the tailpipes

When to Ask for Assistance

Sometimes, you may need additional help taking care of your truck – even though many drivers are comfortable and capable of handling maintenance issues. If you can’t fix the problem yourself, getting help from a professional is important. Waiting too long between having an oil change could cause damage to your truck engine, leading to expensive repairs that could put you out of commission for weeks on end. Some of these problems may result in needing tow truck repair services, which can get costly. 

Taking preventative measures while you’re on the road is always recommended to avoid unexpected maintenance issues. Staying aware of how you drive is one way to stay proactive about your truck’s overall health and to affect how long your truck can go in between oil changes. Avoid frequent harsh braking, stopping, and overloading the weight capacity of your truck. 

Massey Towing and Truck Service 

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