Did you know that a little over 50% of all on-the-road breakdowns are due to tire-related issues? Looking after and maintaining your truck’s tires can reduce the risk of easily preventable truck breakdowns. Keep reading to learn about the importance of maintaining your tires and what common problems to look out for.

Tire Maintenance For Trucks

Keeping up with your tire maintenance can be one of the easiest ways to avoid common on-the-road breakdowns. Some things to frequently check for are how much air is in your tires, what stage of their lifespan your tires are in, and that your axles are correctly aligned. These are all things that can affect how your tires wear down or function over time. It is also best practice to inspect your tires before every drive, so you can catch a potential issue before it becomes a significant problem. 

Common Tire Problems

Common problems that occur with tires are blowouts, running over something that punctures the tire, and bald/worn-out tires. One problem that is common during the hot months of the summertime is drastic temperature changes causing your tires to lose air. Various elements can negatively affect your tires, so it is essential to be aware of their current state before driving.

How To Avoid A Tire Issue

Frequently maintaining your tires is the most effective way to avoid a complication while on the road. One good tip is to check your tires before every drive you take. This way, you will catch something before it becomes a worse problem later on. It is vital to stay aware of their current condition at all times, so you don’t get surprised by an unexpected breakdown. Another helpful tip is to invest in good-quality tires. Sometimes the cheapest tires may not be the best quality, and you end up paying more in the long run when you have to replace your tires sooner and pay for towing or repairs. 

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