It is never easy deciding if you need a tow or if you can limp your heavy duty hauling truck along to the nearest mechanic. Sometimes, it is best to make the decision to get a tow instead of trying to get to the closest mechanic. 

Tow companies may have quite a long wait to get your rig towed, so the sooner you call the faster you can get back on the road to your final destination. Deciding who to call for your tow is another big decision to be made. A quick Google search and reading reviews can make your decision a lot easier when trying to find a heavy haul towing company in Dallas, Texas. 

Here are a few pointers to take note of if you find yourself in times of need:

Pull Over Somewhere Safe

When you are broken down, the last thing you want to do is put yourself and others lives in danger. If you can safely do so, make sure that you can pull over to an area that is somewhere safe to stop. Whether it is stopping on the shoulder of the highway or interstate or pulling into the first parking lot you can see, you should get somewhere safe to access the issues with your truck. Anywhere that is off the road and not blocking traffic will give you the best position to be able to get out of your truck safely.

Checking Out the Scene of the Truck

Like discussed earlier, you should wait until you are at a safe location to get out and check your truck. When doing so, you will want to wear bright reflective clothing and set our reflectors on the ground as a precaution to notify other drivers that you need extra room. Wearing bright reflective vests will allow other drivers to see you at night and can help avoid further accidents occurring to you or your truck. By walking around your truck, are you able to immediately note anything unusual with your truck on the exterior? 

Don’t Waste Time

Most importantly of all, you don’t want to be wasting any time when your truck breaks down. Time is of the essence when you are en route to your destination and if something beyond your control occurs, you want to make sure you can get it resolved in the fastest way possible. After assessing your truck, interior, and exterior, you can rely on Massey Towing and Truck Service for all of your heavy-duty truck repairs in Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding areas. 

Heavy Duty Towing in Dallas, Texas

Massey Towing and Truck Service is one of the fastest heavy haul towing companies to respond to your calls in times of need. On average, it will take Massey Towing and Truck Service anywhere from 60-90 minutes to assist you with any problems you have!