Transporting equipment can be pretty complicated as it is, but this is especially true for oversized and overweight items. In fact, these types of items require particular attention, since large-scale construction equipment, big industrial machinery, and military equipment have unique transport issues.

Companies that use large or heavy equipment are therefore dependent on heavy hauling services for the efficient and safe transfer of machinery and loads from one job site to the next. A great way to improve your experience as you hire professional heavy hauling services is to be aware of various types of equipment they can move. That way, you can easily and accurately identify your particular needs.

Consider Your Heavy Equipment Hauling Needs

If you have several types of equipment to transport, consider these options when deciding on heavy haul:

1. Bulldozers

When it comes to construction sites, bulldozers are an absolute necessity. Aside from shifting dirt, they can loosen hard soils and aid in pilot roads being created. Some roads are too tough and bumpy for standard trucks, but bulldozers can handle that same rough terrain with no problem.

There are two categories for these machines. Wheel-based bulldozers, which are best for bumpy roads, and track-based bulldozers, which are meant for muddy and sandy areas. Bulldozers can range in weight from 20,000 to 200,000 lbs, depending on the type, so this type of equipment can only be moved with heavy equipment transport.

2. Cranes

It’s crucial to have cranes on construction sites. They lift equipment beyond the typical weight for workers—things like drilling supplies, sheaves, building supplies, hoists, and even soil that has cables included.

There are two types of cranes. Mobile cranes range in size from smaller cranes that can fit in the bed of a work truck, to larger ones that must be transported on a flatbed trailer. Fixed cranes set up on steel towers, which help reach greater and higher loads. These are transported and then installed. Both are equally vital for demolition and construction projects. Cranes can range in weight from 10 to 300 tons (20,000-600,000 lbs), making these items the right fit for heavy hauling transport.

3. Tractors

This machinery is quite versatile on the job site. Tractors can do practically anything, primarily because they are able to take on attachments like backhoes, blades, buckets, and quick hitches. Tractors move at a slower speed compared to other machines, but they’re so powerful they can pull or push other construction equipment. Tractors are therefore fundamental for construction projects. Tractors range in weight from 4,000-10,000 lbs.

4. Loaders

Much like bulldozers, loaders are either track-based or wheel-based equipment. They’re frequently used with dump trucks, for carrying loose materials away from a job site. Another use for loaders is to load machinery onto trucks. Loaders weigh from 30,000 to 60,000 lbs.

5. Excavators

There is essential assistance that excavators are able to provide for construction sites. Mainly, an excavator is used for demolishing buildings, lifting heavy loads, and digging holes. It has a digging bucket at the end with varying sizes and an extendable arm. Excavators weigh from 10 to 100 tons (20,000-200,000 lbs)

Heavy Hauling in Dallas, TX

For any major project that involves either construction or demolition, there’s a lot of running around to be done. Heavy haul services are an integral aspect that keeps things running smoothly no matter how heavy the loads are that have to be transported across public roads.

Now that you know the different types of equipment that these companies transport, you’ll be able to make informed decisions when choosing the best heavy hauling service for your project. As with any project, it’s crucial that you work with professionals who know how to handle your specific needs.

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