Organizing and facilitating the movement of heavy, oversized loads can be very demanding. There are a lengthy number of laws and regulations that vary from state to state and can even change depending on the time of day you are towing that heavy haul. Thus, one of the most critical steps that you need to take before you get your haul on the road is to identify which states you will be traveling through and the corresponding regulations of each.


Because regulations on heavy hauls vary state by state, contacting the local authorities or checking the state’s website to make sure you comply with all regulations is recommended. Additionally, if you visit the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, they can also directly answer any questions you have about local regulations for all potential routes on your journey. 

Permits, Escorts, and Safety Markers

If your haul is determined to be oversized, you will be required to obtain an oversized load permit. If you are looking to get one of these permits, you generally have three options to choose from:

  – Order them directly from the state

  – Hire a permit service, who will charge a fee

  – Go through the state’s websites

This permit will generally include allowances for:

  – Overweight

  – Oversize

  – Superloads

  – Civilian or police escorts

  – Fuel or trip permit to legal travel in a state that the vehicle isn’t registered in

It is always best to double-check with local officials to ensure your permit covers everything you need to be safe and follow the mandatory state regulations. 

When hauling a heavy load, safety needs to be a top priority 100% of the time. As a result, many states require you to add safety markers to the outside of your load to ensure an extra level of precaution. Such markers include but are not limited to: warning signs, lights, and flags. Sometimes they will also require you to have escorts following behind, in front, or even to the side of your vehicle depending on the state and size of your load. Because it varies state to state what markers are required, you should, again, always check with local officials. 

Towing Services

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