If you are a regular on the roads, chances are you’ve seen the ‘oversized load’ signs on the back of rigs and semi-trucks all over the country. These trucks are covered in labels and are often accompanied by another vehicle or two with flashing yellow lights to keep traffic out of the way. The labels signify to other drives that the cargo is larger than usual, and they should proceed with caution. But what qualifies something as oversized?

What is an Oversized Load

In road transport, an oversized load is any load that exceeds the standard or legal size and width limits for a truck. These services are sometimes called ‘special transport’ and have varying limits across borders. In the U.S. an oversized load is wider than 8ft6in. Each state has different requirements regarding height, which is why every state requires a special permit to transport oversized loads. In many states, a payload has to be considered ‘non-divisible’ to qualify for a permit. An oversized load can be anything from construction equipment to a mobile home. The one factor that almost all oversized loads have in common is that the cargo cannot be broken down into smaller parts for shipping. Here at Massey towing and truck repair, we specialize in heavy-duty towing. If you have a large payload that you need moving, we have a rig that can handle the job. 

How Towing an Oversized Load Works

Let’s say your parents have left you a mobile home, but it is way out in the countryside and hasn’t been moved in a while. You get the grand idea to have it moved out into the desert so that you can live rent-free and off the grid. But how do you get it there? The first thing that the towing company will need is the specs of the trailer, where it is coming from, and where it is going. The towing company will need to know the exact height, width and length of the payload. This information will help the company determine the route, the number of pilot cars, the truck, and the permits that will be needed to transport the cargo. 

Tips For Towing An Oversized Load

If you are making an oversized haul yourself, we have some tips that can help you deliver the payload with little to no difficulty. Before you hit the road with an oversized load, do some research on the hauling regulations for the city and states that you will be traveling through. Most cities won’t let you drive during the morning or evening rush, and others don’t won’t allow travel on Sundays. The signage requirements will vary from state to state as well, requiring different sizes, colors, and quantities of signs for your load. 

Heavy-Duty Hauling You Can Rely On

At Massey Towing and Truck Service, we specialize in oversized and overweight shipping. We provide 24-hour heavy-duty towing, heavy hauling, and truck repair services. Hauling oversized loads and shipping heavy-duty equipment is subject to various regulations and oversized load escort requirements that can change across state lines, so it’s helpful to have a partner that can help you avoid these obstacles. We have the equipment and team to get your vehicle’s shipment to its destination quickly and safely. We never take any shortcuts, and we provide an accurate quote upfront with no hidden fees. When it comes to heavy-duty hauling, we have the equipment you need to get the job done. We provide 24-hour heavy-duty towing, heavy hauling, and truck repair services. To get a free quote on heavy equipment hauling, get in contact with us today!