The current national average for gas is $3.163 per gallon, which is a stark comparison to last year’s average price of $2.11 per gallon. Now it is fair to mention that the pandemic definitely affected this drop, and it did not occur naturally and is and was expected to rise still. But if you are driving long distances or just looking for tips in general on saving money on gas, in this article, we point out some of the top ways to save money on gas! 

Drive Safely

Driving in an unsafe manner is one of the biggest drains on your gas tank. Dangerous drivers tend to drive faster than the speed limit, tend to “jackrabbit,” and accelerate roughly. All of these and more are some of the most significant contributors to lower miles per gallon and result in you paying close to $100 more per year than the average driver. 

Shop Around

In our modern and connected world, it is far easier to shop around for the best gas prices than it would have been even ten years ago. With well-established apps and websites like GasBuddy, AAA TripTik, and Gas Guru, you can pull up to the gas station of your choice knowing that you are getting the best price for the area.

Loyalty Programs

Many gas stations have some sort of rewards program meant to incentivize drivers to choose them constantly over other gas stations. Depending on the trip or where you live, it might be worth looking into your most visiting gas stations loyalty program and see if it would benefit you. Most of these programs tend to be free and offer you a discounted price off the gas. 

Plan Ahead

If you find yourself about to head out on a long trip, it is defiantly worth it to plot out which gas stations you might want to visit and where. Gas prices vary, sometimes drastically, depending on what state you are in. For example, filling up right before you enter California comes with an 80-cent discount! 

Hire a Professional

Drivers who constantly follow these tips and see the results are professional towing companies, heavy haul companies, and semi-truck drivers. Maximizing their gas usage is just one of the things that they pay special attention to! Because of this, if you ever decide to work with a company like Massey Towing and Truck Service, you can trust that they are getting you some of the best-priced gas on your trip. Companies like Massey Towing and Truck Service, who specialize in heavy haul towing, are usually well versed on the road and normally will already have a drive plan, loyalty to a certain gas company, and are known to be safe as well as well-trained drivers. If you ever wanted to work with a heavy haul company, give Massey Towing and Truck Service a call to get your free quote today!