Hauling equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. Depending on what you need to be towed, there are different types of equipment that can be used. 

Heavy Duty Towing 

If you’re looking for a way to transport large vehicles that are above 26,000 pounds, heavy-duty towing is the only way to go. Examples of vehicles that use this type of towing service are semi-trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, dump trucks, and school buses. The trucks used in these services are some of the best on the line, being equipped with enough strength to haul large vehicles. They are usually flatbeds that are low to the ground to allow the large vehicle to be placed on the truck easily. Massey Towing and Truck Service offers heavy hauling services that can help you, no matter if you need towing for yourself or your business. 

HD Haul & Transport 

There is regular towing, then there’s HD haul and transport. This specific type of towing service is for oversized and overweight cargo like boats, construction equipment, motor homes (or other types of manufactured homes), and army vehicles. No matter what type of equipment needs to be hauled, knowing the measurements and weight of the cargo is extremely important. Anything over 8.5 feet wide is classified as oversized, requiring additional precautions to avoid highway damage. 

Towing vehicles that move oversized vehicles and structures are equipped with a steer axle and two tandem axles. In most cases, the maximum weight allowed for the towing vehicle is 80,000 pounds. If a load is larger than that, it might have to be inspected by a surveyor – especially if they are larger than 15 feet or significantly overweight. 

Other Types of Hauling Equipment 

There are two types of dump trucks used to haul items: 

  • Dump Trucks – used to move materials like soil, mulch, or dirt 
  • Hauling Trucks – used to move large-scale equipment (for construction sites and other jobs)

However, trucks aren’t the only things that can be used to haul things. Bulldozers, cranes, hauling excavators, loaders, and tractors are other examples of hauling equipment. 

No matter what type of hauling equipment you require, Massey Towing and Truck Service can help you with all your heavy hauling needs. We carry the best towing equipment in the area, ensuring that your items get from point A to B safely. 

How Massey Towing and Truck Service Can Help

When you need a tow, Massey Towing and Truck Service is your go-to place. Our specialized services can help you with both heavy hauling and truck repairs. We go above and beyond all the state-regulated guidelines to make sure that you are covered. In case of an emergency, we can also be on-site quickly if you are located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.