Heavy-duty towing is one of the most vital jobs as many people depend on its services in numerous markets across the country. With this in mind, it’s important to keep your semi-truck in its best condition to not only ensure job completion, but your safety as well. 

Massey Towing and Truck Service specialize in oversized hauling and we take pride in our ability to get the big jobs done in the safest way. Since the battery is the source of power for all vehicles, it’s imperative that it is fully operational at all times, especially for semi-trucks. To ensure this, we have created a short list of common signs of a dying semi-truck battery. 

What Can Cause a Faulty Truck Battery? 

Corroded terminals and a faulty alternator are two examples of a dying truck battery. It is common for the hydrogen gas in battery acid to be exposed and cause a small amount of corrosion. This can be simply cleaned off and is not a cause for worry. However, if you notice that there’s a hefty amount of corrosion within a small time frame, it’s best to visit Massey Towing and Truck Service for a general inspection. 

A faulty alternator could affect the battery by supplying the incorrect amount of voltage. This means that the battery is not charging properly and you could easily end up with a dead battery in the middle of your trip. It’s important to have your battery routinely inspected, and we offer this as well as many other heavy-duty towing services to ensure your truck is operating at full capacity. 

Loose battery cables can also cause a faulty truck battery. Check that the cables are attached properly to the corresponding terminals before starting your journey.  

Weather is also a major factor that contributes to the battery life of a semi-truck. Dallas experiences both extreme hot and cold temperatures year round so it’s important to know how these conditions can affect your semi. During the winter, batteries require more power to start and if your truck fails to reach peak operating temperature, your battery could spend less time charging. In the summer, leaving your battery unattended can cause the water from it to evaporate quickly and dramatically reduce its lifespan. With so many variables at play, it’s important to have an experienced tow truck service you can rely on to find the problem and resolve it quickly. 

Poor Battery Appearance 

Sometimes drivers can forget how old their battery is. One of the easiest ways to check if your battery might be dying is to look at the battery case. Is there a large amount of corrosion? Is it bloated or bulging? If so, you should have your battery replaced as soon as possible. 

Slow Engine Start

There’s nothing worse than being on the road and noticing that when you start your engine it takes a long time to turn over. While it may eventually do so, a slow engine start is a clear sign of a dying battery. A quick way to test your battery is to let it run for about half an hour so the alternator can charge. Once the 30 minutes is up, turn off the engine, wait about a minute or two, and then restart it. If the engine does not start immediately the battery is too weak and might need replacing. 

Frequent Jumpstarts

If you need your battery jump-started often, it’s a sign that your battery is close to being completely dead and will need replacing as soon as possible. Jumpstarting the battery is just a short-term solution for a long-term problem and not something you want to have to worry about while on the road. 

Why Us

There are many mechanical and natural circumstances that can lead to a faulty battery. It’s crucial to have a tow truck service in the Dallas, Texas, area that’s experienced in any of these circumstances. Massey Towing and Truck Service is the best option for all of your heavy-duty towing needs because we offer fast and accurate service for all variations of truck repairs. These services include preventative maintenance, electronic diagnosis, and more. Visit our website for more details and call us for a quote today.