Semi-trucks are essential in many large-scale logistics operations. While they are reliable for most repeat trips, your fleet can run into some inconveniences. That’s why you need to have a heavy truck towing service ready at all times to account for your workers’ safety and resources’ journey to your preferred destination. But what exactly are the most common issues you need to watch out for and must address immediately?

This article will discuss the four common reasons why semi-trucks need roadside assistance. Take this as an opportunity to ensure your hired heavy truck towing service provider has the tools and expertise ready to address any issues that may arise during your operations. This way, you can minimize any costly mistakes when you transport your goods and fulfill important shipments right away.

1. Tire Complications

Since most semi-trucks often have to haul massive loads to distant receiving facilities, tires are a common cause for the need for immediate roadside assistance. Typically, it can be a flat tire or two and have no spare tires, which means a tow to the nearest truck service facility is needed.

As a preventive measure, it’s best to have your heavy truck towing service provider bring your unit in for tire replacements. The truck service professionals can also provide proper tire pressure. Once fixed, your semi-truck driver can continue with the tasks at hand. Just note that the particular truck is due for a maintenance check to avoid issues on the road.

2. Brake-Related Issues

Most semi-truck drivers and heavy truck towing service crews are aware that brakes seem to account for most issues in need of roadside assistance. It’s mainly due to the drum brake and discs, two main components often exposed to intense friction, extreme weather conditions, and air pressure. As a result, the entire braking mechanism fails. That’s why checks should be made after and before every long trip, and bimonthly brake testing is also preferred since it can be a lifesaver for accidents.

3. Lost Keys

Due to the rigorous time spent driving and going about various logistical duties, your semi-truck driver can get exhausted and less aware of their belongings. Truck keys, in particular, seem to be one of the easiest to lose, and misplacing them can cause your company’s transportation plans may come to a screeching halt.

Luckily, you can depend on your heavy truck towing service provider to assist your driver. They can take them to the nearest exchange post to either meet another employee with a spare key or head to a place where the active semi-truck can take over the haul.

4. Electrical Issues

Due to the complex wiring and additional power needed to make the semi-truck work properly, most have to stop their trip due to electric-based issues. Some of the most common ones include problems with the motor, battery, and alternator. Checking the battery before every drive should address this, but you may need to consider having a spare battery ready, especially if your driver is operating an older semi.

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Semi-trucks need roadside assistance as a means for your team to act quickly and stay on schedule. The good news is you now know what mistakes may affect your operations. You just need to find ways to prevent them, like performing routine maintenance checks and upgrading your trucks. For more immediate solutions and emergencies, it’s best to have a reliable heavy truck towing service provider for your utmost convenience.

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