Driving during the summer heat can feel brutal for both you and your truck. While blasting the AC may help you feel cooled off inside your vehicle, it is crucial to be aware of how the sun and heat can affect your semi-truck. The last thing you want on a hot day is to be stuck on the side of the road in an overheated truck; keep the effects that heat may have on your vehicle in mind as we are in the hot summer months.

Heat’s Effect on Tires

Drastic temperature changes can cause your tire to lose air. In addition, heat can cause the rubber in a tire to break down over time, and tires that overheat on the road risk the chance of blowing out while driving. When it begins getting hot outside, it is good practice to regularly check your tires before, during, and after your trips to ensure they have the proper amount of air and aren’t sustaining too much damage.

Engine Coolant and the Heat

Complications with the engine coolant can be one of the top reasons that cause an overheated truck. An overheated engine can completely destroy a vehicle if left untreated for too long. It’s essential to be aware of your engine’s heat levels to avoid severe damage to the vehicle. 

Worn Down Engine Belts

Over time, the heat can wear down your semi truck’s engine belt, which can affect the tension or cause them to break. When an engine belt becomes loose or breaks, it can end up causing the engine to overheat and eventually fail. By regularly checking your engine belts, you can ensure that you will catch any potential belt problems before they cause a more significant issue in the engine. 

Be Aware of the Weather and Traffic Ahead of You

Being prepared can help you avoid needing a heavy-duty truck repair due to inclement weather on the road. The summer months tend to hold a lot of unpredictable weather and travel. By keeping up to date with the weather pattern of your route, you can stay on top of any traffic build-ups or unexpected problems before they occur.

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