As a truck driver, it is essential you are prepared for anything on the open road. Whether you are waiting for a large haul tow company or just stopping for a rest, these items are great for any truck cab. Different situations may arise like floods, wildfires, traffic delays, collisions, or even hurricanes. Having all of these things in your truck will help you along your travels.  

First Aid

A medical supply kit or a first aid kit should always be with you. In case of injury or even late-night headaches. Include pain relievers, gloves, band-aids, and wet wipes. A medical contact sheet is also a great addition to any first aid kit.

Extra Clothing and Hygiene Items

While traveling, it is nice to pack an “extras” bag. This bag can even be left in your truck long-term in case a trip takes longer than expected. One spare change of clothes, socks, undergarments, and a jacket. If you wear prescription glasses or contacts, you can include an extra pair along with eye drops. Another item you may want to bring is a portable cell phone charger.

A Tool Kit

Tool kits can include a lot of predictable items, but these items will help if you run into problems. Wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, and duct tape would be essential for a tool kit. A tow strap and jumper cables should also be accessible.


Keep a flashlight on hand as well as batteries to power it. Before each trip, you should check to make sure the flashlight still works. Also, check often to make sure the batteries are not expired. An emergency flashlight, one that is wind-up, would also be a good option.


To be prepared for any emergency, keep cones on hand. While your truck is immobile you can warn oncoming traffic by surrounding your trailer with cones.

Snacks and Water

Depending on how long you are traveling should determine how much food and water you bring on your journey. It is recommended each driver bring three days of non-perishable food. Make sure to also bring several gallons of water in storage safe bottles. Water bottles should be changed at least every six months.

Drivers can also bring meal prep containers and an electric skillet. These items are very versatile and help to avoid fast food every single night.  A slow cooker is more of a splurge item but maybe worth it for longer travels.

Truck Organization

Keep your cab organized and clean for less stressful trips. This is very customizable to each driver. Handheld vacuums can help clean dust and dirt without taking up the space of a regular vacuum. Also, a file folder or binder with dividers can be helpful. When driving there is a lot of paperwork to keep up with and the more organized the better.

In case of an emergency, call Massey Towing and Truck Services for any of your needs.