Distracted driving is a major problem in the United States. 23% of drivers who died in car accidents were distracted by something other than their driving, and 37% of car accidents involve some distraction. If you are reading this article on your phone while driving, it is important to put it down before continuing! Here are six tips to avoid reckless, distracted drivers.

1. Keep a Safe Distance

Distracted drivers are not always obvious, and they may not be as cautious behind the wheel. It is important to keep a safe distance from other cars so that you have time to react, whether it be if the driver suddenly slams on their brakes or swerves into your lane. If you can’t see a car’s entire body, they could be waved into your lane, and it’s best to pull over before the first sign of danger, if possible.

2. Don’t Over Speed

Don’t go faster than you can safely stop. Reckless drivers are often overconfident in their driving skills and try to do things that are simply too dangerous to be attempted. For example, a distracted driver may attempt to get around a slower car by speeding up and pulling into the other lane if there isn’t enough room for both cars. If there is no room, they may not have time to react and could cause an accident.

3. Observe Other Drivers Carefully

Distracted drivers often forget about the rules of the road. If you spot a driver twiddling with their phone or steering wheel, check to see if they are trying to speed up behind you. Always be sure to look ahead and stay alert instead of letting down your guard. A good rule of thumb is that if a driver seems like they are in a rush, they are probably distracted and possibly reckless.

4. Pay Attention to Vehicles behind You

Many reckless drivers ignore the road, but they never take their eyes off you! Always be extra cautious if anyone is tailgating or driving too close behind you. If there is someone following too closely and you can’t find a way to safely get out of their way, slow down so they won’t have as much momentum hitting you in case they run into your car.

5. Get out of Their Way if You Can

If you see a reckless driver coming towards you, try to use your horn to warn others. If the person is coming up behind you and there isn’t any way to get away from them, slowly pull over out of their lane ahead of time. Most distracted drivers are in a hurry and won’t expect you to slow down or pull over. Don’t panic- do whatever is necessary to avoid injury as soon as possible if someone looks like they’re going to run into your car.

6. Don’t Drive when Angry or Tired

This goes for distracted and non-distracted drivers alike. Anger leads to road rage and tiredness to grogginess behind the wheel. If you are in a bad mood or aren’t feeling well, it is important to stay home not to put yourself or others at risk on the road.


Distracted driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving and can lead to serious injuries or even death if not taken seriously. By using your common sense and being aware of your surroundings, you can avoid becoming a victim of reckless drivers. If you are interested in avoiding distracted drivers, contact our professional staff at Massey Towing in Dallas, Texas for all towing and transport needs. Our professional drivers will ensure that your car is safe and transported to a repair shop.  Give Massey Towing and Truck Service a call to get your free quote today!