Transporting your boat via land can be a complicated process, especially for those who may not have as much experience with boat transportation as others. Towing a boat often requires special hauling equipment and expertise. Keep these tips in mind the next time you’re planning on driving your boat somewhere.

1. Look Into / Consider Voyage Insurance

Voyage insurance protects a boat/ship and its cargo during a trip. A voyage insurance policy typically expires once the boat has arrived at its destination safely. 

2. Double Check, then Triple Check that Everything Looks Good

This step can make or break (sometimes too literally) your boat towing experience. During the stress of transporting your boat, it is easy to forget something that may seem simple. By making sure you double and then triple-check your boat before transportation, you can be sure to catch something that may have gone unnoticed otherwise. It is crucial to ensure all doors, windows, etc., are secured in place before hitting the road, similar to how you would when traveling on the water.

3. Prepare Yourself for Travel and Transportation Costs

Whether you are hiring a company to transport your boat for you or doing it yourself, it is a good idea to prepare yourself and your bank account for the travel and transportation costs that accompany boat transportation via land. Some things that play a factor in the expenses are hauling equipment, the route the boat will have to take (whether it can travel via the interstate or if it has to take backroads), the size or weight of the boat, the type of boat, and the distance the boat needs to travel. 

4. Don’t Fill Your Tanks Until You Arrive at Your Destination

Many people fill their gas and water tanks up before leaving for a trip because they like to feel prepared. While this may initially seem like it will save time, full tanks on a boat are less efficient when transported by another vehicle on land because it adds additional weight to the load. By waiting to fill your tanks up until you get to your destination, you can also cut down on expense costs because there is less weight for the truck to carry.

5. Always Have a Spare Set of Keys Handy

Having a spare set of keys can greatly help with transporting your boat. Accidents and mistakes happen all the time, and it is better to be safe than sorry if you misplaced or forgot a set of keys somewhere. If you are hiring someone to haul your boat, you should make sure they have access to a set of keys, and you do too. 

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